Human fucking machine

You think you are a good fuck, I can tell you without really know you, that you are not a good fuck! But so help me god I will train you to be the best fuck ever, transform you and your pussy into a human fucking machine.

To be clear nine out of ten times I will unload in your mouth, I guess I have similar feelings in my Glans as female in her Clit, I will not fuck you a lot, but when I do it will be one of two ways

1) I will just take you from behind bull dog style, your legs tight together

2) The cock ride where you squat over me when I am lieing dawn on my back and you ride my cock with your back facing my, I do not want you to touch me, you will learn to keep your balance and your hands to yourself, I do not want to have intimacy with you.

The training will be a combination with your daily physical exercise, where you will make squat exercises, but there is a twist, I call it milking the cock, and it will make your pussy almost as good as your mouth, when I use you in 1 and 2

Milking the cock, is a technique very few girls can perform and it requires a lot of practice before you can do it right. To milk a cock with your pussy muscle, you need to make contractions with your pussy, and use these contractions when I fuck you, and it works like this, when my cock goes in you will make contractions with your pussy muscle so if you ride me it would look like this, dawn relax, up contract, dawn relax, up contract, dawn relax, up contract, now you should get the idea, I don’t expect you to get any kind of orgasm with me when you have to concentrate about inside and outside of your body, and I don´t really care.

And this is how I will train you to do, you will get squat exercise, and from the moment you start to bend you knees you will contract all the way dawn to your ass almost is kissing the floor, and you will relax when you get up again, when I check if your are doing it right, I will stick my middle finger in your pussy and follow you up and dawn, when your pussy get stronger after some training, I can add some love balls and wight to the training.

The Beginning

The beginning about how you will become my slave, and not really about training, more like a scene, from our new life together as Master and slave.

Either you will come by train or airplane, train is just a few minutes from where I live, and airport is a few hours, and it is the same for me, the scene stays the same, it just takes a bit longer.

Before you travel from your home, I will tell you to take and send me some pictures, so I know what clothes your are wearing, how your makeup and hair is set up, and how your bag looks like.

When you arrives I will be waiting for you, and keep an eye on you, I might let you wait and Swed for awhile, your life should not start to easy, when I am good and ready I will come to you, and just tell you “I think you belong to me, follow me” (don´t expect to curry your bag or bags, I am not a nice dominant) and I will take you to my car, I will open the back door and tell you “throw in you bags and take of your jacket. Get in on the backseat” I will handcuff you and hide it with your jacket, and fasten your seat belt, and then we will be on our way, I will say I am not interested in talking with you, the time for talking is over, and if you start to talk when drive, I will pull over and gag you.

When we arrives in my home, I will open your door and release your seat belt, and tell you to get out, and curry your jacket over the handcuffs, and follow me inside, when we are inside the living room, I will release you from the handcuffs, and tell you to strip naked, when your are naked, I will tell you to set dawn and sign the 3 contracts lieing on the table 1) slave contract 2) photo release form 3) social media release form, ( Here are the contracts ) I will record you on cam, and ask you about you understand the contracts you are signing, when the contracts are signed and put away.

I will start to examine you, I have a minor health form to file out with height, wight, blood pressure and some about your past medical history, like you have any allergies food or otherwise, I should know about, and finally I will take some pictures, put on rubber gloves and examine your pussy, ass and mouth in that order, when I am finished and have removed the gloves, I will tell you to reach out your hands, so I can put leather cuffs and secure them with a padlock, I will blindfold you, pop your ears with ear pops and lead you to the shower cabin in the bathroom, and chain your hands over your head standing up and leave you hanged, I will use gag if I need to sout you up.

Here is a list of things I want you to feel, before I will let you rest.

Lose of control
Owned in body, mind and soul all the way into your bones
Sexual abuse
Psychological debilitation
Sensory deprivation
Random punishment
Learned helplessness
Sleep deprivation

I don’t have a time schedule for you, how long this will take before you feel all of this, I can tell you that the first 24 hours you will get no where with pleading or begging your new Master, and estimate time frame is 30 to 60 hours.

Nothing will happen the first 6 to 8 hours, I will leave you alone, first I will come from behind and force your head backwards, and force a bottle of water in your mouth, and squizze it so you drink all the water and after that I will come every few hours and work on you either with my cock or whips, Cains or gag the things will repete over and over.
When I use whip, Cains or on you, you won’t hear or see me, you will just feel the pain on your body, on your back between your figs on your ass, you will know I am there. I won’t be extreme with the random punishment, you will get your body stribbed but not more then I can repeat the punishment, the real pain I want you to feel comes from your arms and legs, that will scream of pain to your brain, you should see punishment as a reminder of your are awake and not dreaming. When I want to force a gag in you mouth, I will come from behind, pull your hair with on hand and squizze your mouth, and stuff it with ball gag, bite gag, open mouth gag or even your underwear and piece of duck tape.

If I want to use you sexual it will be these to ways on repete
1) I will come from behind spit on my hand and rub it of in your cunt, pull your legs backwards away from the wall stick my cock in your cunt and fuck you to I am finished, wash your cunt juice of my cock and leave you with my semen running dawn of you legs.
2) I will come from behind loosen your chain pull you dawn in your hair and tell you to get on your knees, slap your face and tell you to open your mouth, stick my cock in and fuck your head to I unload my semen in your mouth, chain you back up and leave you.
I will properly not use you less then 5 times, and I will always prefer your over your cunt, but here I feel it is necessary to use your cunt, so you get the feelings I want you to.

When you piss yourself and I see it, I will loosen your chain, pull you dawn on the floor in your hair, and tell you to lick the floor clean for your nasty piss and chain you back up when your done.

When you shit yourself I will threaten you with that I should make you lick it up, but I will just let you stand in your own shit, and after a few hours, I will spray you and the floor clean with cold water.

When I go out for take a shower, you will just feel the cold water hitting your body and slowly heating up, I will shower and wash myself, when I am finished, I will turn off the water, dry myself and leave you hanged to dry.

I see torture as a means to obtain what I want, not a daily life routine, and all of this is classified as torture, I won’t use it often but if you break out of your role, are disloyal, disrespect me or don’t obey I will start from the beginning again, and since you learned nothing the first time, I won’t be so nice to you as the first time.

When I beleave you are ready to submit and commit to the life as my slave, I will wash you clean, remove your blindfold and release you from your chains, and lead you to the kitchen, and tell you to get dawn on the floor like a dog, I will serve you food in your bowel, and when you are finished eating, I will tell you to go clean yourself hands, mouth and brush your teahts, and to go to my bed kneel with your hands on your back and wait for me, when I come to you I will tell you how proud I am of you, I will tell you when you hear the alarm clock, you will get out of bed crawl up to me, and find my cock with your mouth, and last I will tell you to crawl in your bed and sleep.

There will be a settle in period, a learning curve when you weak up next morning.


I will try to show you a picture off, how our day starts.. I always get up early, even I only work for 4 – 5 hours a day, I like to have plenty of time in the mornings..

When the alarm clock goes off, you will come up to me in my bed, and take my cock in your mouth, and suck it dry, (Don’t be surprised if my cock end up in your mouth, 5 times or more a day. when you have empty my cock for the nightly semen production and I am finished with you, and kick you out of bed.

Your training starts, you will roll out your mat on the floor, and start just like in the video 1, when you are finished, you will dress in a training suit, and run in a rout I will make for you something like between 4 and 7 kilometers, I have an iPhone I will give you when you run so I can track from home and a stopwatch so I can time you from time to time, I will follow the progress with your body close.

When you come home, you will undress, and do same as in video 2 . (Sometimes I properly want you to suck on my cock, when you come home, right now it is pretty cold in Denmark, so I would love to stick my cock in your cold mouth) When you are finished, we will shower together, you will wash and clean my body, dry me before you are allowed to wash yourself..

How ever your body look like when you arrives, is not important, only how I make you look like after awhile is important, I can work just as well with anorexia as overweight or a plain body.

The exercise program is not firm, I will make it fit to what I see your body needs, your food will also get adjusted to what I see it needs, you can compere yourself to a dog, I use to have two beautiful rottweilers the always got what they needed of food and exercise and was the envy of the town I was living in, I might treat you whose then a dog in other ways, but your health and form is not one of them, I want to increase my property value not decrease it, and I have to look at your naked body like 90 % of your life, so I will form you to my liking.

Limitless slave

As my slave you can or will not have any limits and will be a limitless slave, but there will be limits in our life. I consider myself a narcissistic sadist, and I am very self aware about what I am, and there is places I do not wish to explore in my mind, in another time I would properly have been a viking, hangman or an SS officer. but now it’s 2018 and I live in Denmark among normal sane people, and I am not going to live out my fantasies at all costs.

So I have a list of limits/things I will not do, some set by the sadist in me and some set by the narcissist in me or health and practical reasons, and do not try to changes my limits, because it will not happen. If I lent you out or let other play with you, it will be within my limits.

Animal sex

Anal Fisting

Body mods and tattoos

Cutting and needles (Scaring in any form)

Full time imprisonment/Gimp

Broken bones

Removing of clit and other limbs



Stuff and feed/fat up you, like a pig

Scat (Full toilet)

Tied up breasts

This is just some of the things I am been asked over time, so there might other things I will add

Social media

As my slave I will take full control over your social media life, and I will use it well and often. It is very important for me to show your family and friends that you are alive, well and enjoying you life as slave, and of course it is a part of your humiliation training.

Everything I write about I will do to you I will show them, by sending pictures and links to videos of you, I will tell you to write about events in your life, and then publish them on your accounts, nothing and no one is holy for me in this regard, I want everybody in your currant life to see you for what you really are, the true inner you.


With a slave in my household I do not expect to clean up after you, I can understand if you are in need of some motivation to get the job done. I went to bordingschool when I was young, and all the students cleaned there own room and the rest of the school, so I actually can clean, and are only happy to teach you. You might get a different experience then I had.

In the beginning I will supervise you and correct you, but I do expect that it is something you will learn to handle, when I am not home.

And to make sure you have done a good job, I will make a cleaning inspection, and it will start in the bathroom. I will tell you to go out to the bathroom and wait for me, and I will make you wait for a bite.

When I come out to you I will tell you to kneel down and lick the shower drain, and after we can move forward, I will tell you to lick random tile on the floor and walls, to we reach the end with the sink, and I will tell you the lick the sink inside and outside, and now the time is come to the toilet, where I will tell you to kneel down and lick the toilet seat inside and outside, we are almost done with the toilet, I just forgot one thing, you will wait for me kneeling down in front of the toilet, when I come back I will hand you a straw, and tell you to drink up, when you are finished, we can move on, on the way out from the bathroom I will tell you to kneel down and suck on the door handle.

Time for the kitchen, where I will tell you the kneel down and lick the bottom of the closet with the garbage first, and make you crawl on the floor and lick random places and we finish of with you licking the closet handlers and the kitchen sink.

The rest is easy for you licking random places I point out for you and of course windowsill.



This little piece will be about how you will start whoring for me.

First I have to teach you a few things before, I will take you out the first time, I want you to be a whore to remember, you will learn to put on a condom with your mouth, and I also want you to take it off with your mouth after you have sucked it clean for you cunt juice, you will learn to be a 3 holed whore, and if anyone wants to kiss you, you will let them.

I will always make sure, that you have plenty of condoms and lube in your bag, I don’t want to get sick, so you will make sure to use condom every time..

I will place a few ads on some Escort site, and in a tabloid about you, and that in this weekend you will be in the city, and you are open for business. I will tell you to make a voice mail, on a mobil I will get for you, it will be something like you are a horny exchanges student, and describe yourself, I will make a nice script for you when the time comes.

I will give you a little book, and tell you to write in the appointments, so there will be no overbooking of your cunt, and with escort you never know what to expect, sometimes it is just one hour of sex, but it can also be, a costumer want to take you out, or sleep with you all night.

When friday afternoon in the weekend arives, I will take you to the chosen city, rent a hotel room for the weekend, and take you to your first appointment, and depending how long you are booked for I will wait nearby, or go back to the hotel, and pick you up when you are finished, and everytime, I will tell you to give me the money, and we will drive to your next appointment.

In between you still have to take of my needs, so from time to time, I will park the car, and unzip my pants, and tell you to suck my cock..

I will not do this every weekend, but it will happen and it will be something, you have to get use to, ideally I will in time find a brothel where you can get a weekend shift


As I see it there is 3 kinds of blowjobs, and you need to learn and master all 3 on commands 1, 2, 3.

1) You take only my cock head in your mouth, and move your tongue around my head, slowly in circles to I cum. this blow job you will learn to give me, every time I eat, you will set under the table, and suck me slowly to I am dry for cum.

2) Is what I call the normal blowjob, because this is what girls do most, it’s like fucking in and out with a quick move around the head with your tongue, this I prefer in the morning when I wake up in the mornings and evening, before I go to sleep.

3) Is deep throat, whee you will spit out your tongue, so there is room for my cock, all the way in your throat, I prefer this when I am standing up, or you lieing in my bed (or stockage), with your head out over the side, where I can fuck your mouth: I don’t use breath control a lot, but with deep throat I will from time to time, take a solid grip on the back of your head with one hand, and squizze your nose with the other, and any spit and slime you may have in your mouth, you will learn to swallow, and if any hit the floor, you will lick it up after I am finished.

All 3 blowjobs has something in common for me, no hands on my cock (I can give myself a handjob, if thats what I want, don’t really need you for that), and my cock goes into your mouth, and does not go out before I cum. If I tell you to sock my cock, you will roll back my foreskin, and if your hands touch my cock after that,

you will get a slap in your face, if you take out my cock before I am finished, you will get a slap.

Sucking my cock is going to be a big part of your life, I will not fuck you every day, but you will be sucking on my cock every day, pretty often. I will also combine the 3 ways of blowjob with commands like 3 – 1 -3 -2 -1 -2 well you get the picture…