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If you are a lowlife cum slut whore, who think you have what it takes to become a slave girl! Then you can make an application and apply for a position, currently I am looking for 1 female, age 18 – 28 years old, who think they may be have what it takes, to become a life time slave, the position is an in- living full time slavery position, to apply you have to be citizen from within the EU or UK, with a valid passport from EU or UK.

• Your application shall contain

• A NEW photo of yourself.

• Copy of your passport (front page with your name, country, picture)

• Info about why you want to become a slave.

• Info about your past life experience BDSM/slavery.

• Info about your currant work and present living situation.

You should consider it like getting a job, there is NOT a job for everybody, and maybe you are best suited for stay on welfare your whole cum slut lowlife.

Note: Your experience level as slave is not important, your training will start from ground zero.

Your data and info is secure and safe, they will NOT be shared with anyone even you do not get the position, they are only used in the vetting process.