Anal training

Ever since I fuck a girl in the ass, and she got an orgasm in her very first anal experience, anal training has been nagging me, and I really had to think about how I could take that pleasure away from you.

Before I even want to stick anything up your ass, I will have to prepare your ass first, the way a will prepare your ass is to get you down on your knees with your face on the floor, and tell you to spreed your but cheeks so you asshole is totally exposed, then I will strike your asshole with my cane, this I will do over and over to your asshole is sore, you might let go of your but cheeks, and you will feel the cane on your back, thighs or ass and hear the command “Spreed them, cunt”

When your ass is sore and you feel like it’s pumping, when you contract your asshole you feel pain, when you relax the pain fade down, then and first then is time to use your asshole, whatever I want to fuck you, or use my toys on you, and you will feel me, and hopefully is I the only one who get pleasure and joy from your asshole, if you do get an orgasm I will prepare you better next time.

Your ass will be train to my cock, inflatable anal dildo, normal dildo and anal hooks, I have never done anal fisting, and since I was reading a news article with someone running a run with a shitbag for the rest of her life after anal fisting, I put it on my limit list you can see in Limitless slave

I have a few tails fox and horse with anal plugs, but I don’t really see them as a part of your anal training even they will go up your ass as well, but I will use them without preparing your asshole.

Shock collar treatment

Slave girl shock collar treatment, have been in my mind for years, and I am not sure other would use it in a same way as I see it, I know if I was to do the same to a dog, it would never become a normal dog again.

I will give you a shock collar in present Christmas or you birthday (since I am a nice Master) and you may fear it the moment I put it on your neck, but I want you to be terrorized of it, and use it to make your life a living hell in horror.

When you least expect it I will zap you, day in and day out, when you are eating from your bowl or drinking water, when you are taking a shit or piss, when you are an object, when you are in your cage ready for sleep or in your sleep, and I even want you to click the remote and electrocute yourself, and every time I hear your scream you will hear my laughter.

Nothing and no time will become holy, for when you will feel electrical shock on your neck, it should not take more then a week, to turn you into a nervous wreck, living in constant fear, when I have reached my objective, I will remove the collar, and I will have one more thing you fear.

Future use I will just use it to lie on the table every once in awhile, but of course you might forget the shock treatment, and I will start all over again, or I might just be bored and in need of a good laugh.

The idea of combining a shock collar with a chastity belt and give your cunt some shock treatment, is on my mind.

Hair removal

You will keep your hair on your head for the first 3 – 4 years, and I will take good care of it, every 4 – 6 months, I will take you to a hair dresser, so you can get of tear and wear, so your hair will be kept, and a trip to the hair dresser will be just like going to the doctor, I will talk for you like you are in third person, and tell what I want them to do to your hair, I might tell them a sad story about you are like a broken kuk kuk clock, there is someone in there, but they never come out, and that you are my daughter, nice or cousin and your mother is dead.

In home you will use hair band in ponytail, ribbon or just lose hair, as I want, I will tell you, I will groom you every once in a while, but normal I will put in your daily routine, so you do it per automatic.

After 3 – 4 years when I am happy with your hair, I will cut it all of, and turn it into an anal plug, so you will get a hair transplantation from your head to your ass, I am going to have a lot of fun with you, seeing your own hair is sticking out of your ass, and I am sure you will become a viral hit on the internet.

Another viral hit is going to be your cunt hair removal, I will tell you to sit on the floor on a mirror with spreed legs free view of your cunt and give you a tweezers, so you can remove your cunt hair one by one, and when your are done or done for the day, I will tell you to lick up your cunt hair, and crawl out to the toilet and spit them out, you may take the trip more then one time, so I really can enjoy it and laugh at you.

For the rest, I might get you a shaver to take care of armpits and legs if needed.

As for me, I will never shave for slave cunt, I want you to lick and suck my hairy cock, balls and ass.

Obedience, discipline and objectification


Obedience training you will find in almost everything I write in here, whatever this is about how I want you to stand attention or whore you out, make you lick up my piss, obedience is for me about how fare you are ready to go in obeying my commands, from the most silly to the most insane.

(Like picking up my socks and underwear with your mouth, and stick your head in the washing machine to drop them, to dig your own grave)

Obviously I don’t start your training with the most insane, I start from the bottom and work my way up, and every time you hesitate obeying my command, I will pound, smash, pull, push and in the end destroy that limit you have in your obedience, and move on to the next one. And the end goal is for me to make you obey beyond my death from my grave.


Discipline training is for me more about the self discipline you have, I can only teach you so much, like how to behave as my slave, eat, shit, piss, talk, sleep, stand, sit, kneel, crawl, fuck, suck, but in the end you require self discipline to maintain all of what I teach you, see yourself as a soldier standing guard outside a palaces, he don’t move or blink even if a bird shit in his face, and there is no one around to command him, that is self discipline that keep him standing, I will correct you if you are out of order, but in the end it will be your self discipline that maintain order.

If a soldier abandon his post, he will get punished, and if you do not maintain your self discipline, you might wake up one day, thinking that you are tired of being a slave, and break out of line, you will face yourself at the very beginning, this is consent to non consensual, total power exchanges slavery, so whatever I have to do for you to retain your self discipline I will do it!


Objectification is for me more then transform you into a useful object like a pet, table, lamp, Christmas tree, foot stole, astray, shoe rack, toilet paper dispenser or a pissoir all of these objects require me to actually use you, and I am not going use you 24/7, and that is not going to happen. I want you to compare it to a picture hanging over the sofa, you look at it when you hang it up, and then you set down in the sofa and ignore it, that picture is completely and other useless, and that is exactly how I want to transform you to, approximately 1 m3 of air to be ignored.

Useless objects I will use all the positions I teach you like, sit, kneel, stand, get on four, spreed you ass, lie with spreed legs, present cunt and so on, I will give you a command, look at you one time (like the sofa picture) and then I will ignore you, to I want to use you again, or I will turn of the light, forget you and not think of you before lieing in bed, thinking about what is missing ((my fucking blowjob is missing, that’s what!) (where the fuck is cunt?)) and call or come and get you.

Even in the car you will become an object of air, sitting on the right side (where I can’t see you in the mirror), with child lock on the door (only time I will open the door for you, is when I get you the first time) so you will get in, in the right side and get out in the left side, and if I want you to suck my cock, I will just tell you to get out, and open the drivers door, and you can sit on the sidewalk and sock my cock. Just to be clear I am not interested in getting arrested, and if people are walking by, I will tell you to get in the front seat and suck my cock, but alone at night with some risk of other seeing us, you will be on your knees on the sidewalk.


I will give you as many tasks as possible and use you as often as possible, but I am not a cyborg! And a part of your life you will become a useless object, just waiting for my command to serve or please me, living on the floor.

Everything on my website about our future life, is for me connected to obedience, discipline and objectification, even torture and pain is for me connected to this, as this will be a tool to obtain perfection of your obedience, discipline and objectification.

As I see it, you need to obey and have the self discipline to be able to actually become an object.

I know my views are not normal in BDSM, but this is my picture of you and our life together, not a book, video or forum dictating what I want and need! My picture and fantasy about you and me, are purely mine and mine alone.

Menstrual training

Like everything else I will use what I can against you, and your monthly period is just one more way I will make you pay dearly, you will be trained well in handler your menstruation in everything from the smell to the taste you will learn it.

Your training will start with licking and sucking my cock clean of your menstrual blood after I have fucked your nasty cunt, in the beginning I will use stockage and open mouth gag, lock you tight on all four with your head locked in the stockaged and your open mouth ready for my cock, when I have fucked you from behind just to I am almost cumming, I will stop and move to your mouth, and start to fuck it in the open mouth gag, to you get my load of semen together with your menstrual blood and the smell of your cunt, it will properly take a few months to train you well, but I do expect to lose the stockage and open mouth gag at some point.

Years ago I converted a gas mask into to cunt smell training, it can be used to some B/C as well but it was not why I made it, I will use it to learn you how your cunt is smelling, and this will be when you have your monthly, or if I fuck you several times in a day.

It works as a blindfold as well, and the concept is very simple, I will duct tape the hose to your cunt, and you can stand in total darkness, and get every breath of air directly from your cunt.

Last training with your menstrual blood, is something from the dog world. Back when I had a female rottweiler, I notice that when she had her menstruation and dropped some blood on the floor, she would turn around sniff it and then lick it up, and honestly if a dog can do it, then so can you, and let’s face it there will be times where I will forget to buy tampons to you, I do expect there will be a lot of hair pulling, face slapping and caning before you are well trained.

When you are trained well as a dog it will look like this. If you walk around in home, when you have your period and drop a drop of blood on the floor, I want you to turn around, get on your knees, sniff the blood and then lick it of floor. If you are crawling around in home and spill a drop of blood, I want you to circle back, sniff the blood and then lick it up, it is really not that hard!

Torture, pain and your mind.

Let me just start to say I love my whips, crops and canes but if your are looking for a Master to tear the flesh of your bones it’s not me you want, I actually want you to feel something else then joy from the things I do to you.

How extreme I will get with pain and torture is determent by you mind, I am not bringing a knife to a gun fight, but I am not bringing a cannon to a duck hunt either, I get a drive from your feelings and emotions, so I want to prolong this for years so I can suck every single feeling and emotion out of you to there is nothing left, and after when your mind is just one big roll of pictures I have installed there, I will spend years enjoying my work, my creations.

In your daily training I will use cane, crop and my hands to correct you, and unless you are completely stupid, the crop and cane will go back in my toolbox after awhile, I don’t see a need to fix something that actually works, and if you need a quick correction a slap in the face should do the trick, and my hands also enjoys ass, tit and thigh slapping.

My whips are not going to collect dust, but pain session is not going to be anything near daily events, as I like to drag these things out for hours and let you wait, whip you and let you wait again for more, I have a nice collection of clamps you will learn the feeling of as well while you are waiting.

Normally when I write about torture on a profile page, I get to kinds of reply either from girls who want me to scar and damage them for life, and sending me the most brutal pictures or I get replies from girls, that think I am way way to extreme, and I think both types of girls think the same when I write torture, they picture me with a big bag, with a lot of sharp tools, red hot iron and whips made of barbwire on so on, but this is not the kind of torture I am using.

The kind of torture I am using is known as “innovative interrogation techniques” “white torture” “clean torture” “no touch torture” and it favors the mind over extreme pain like cutting or burning or whatever pictures you have seen in a movie.

Pain is still used but only in a way there will leave no trace on your body after a few days, this kind of torture is created by psychologists, and it is well documented from both sides the victims and the torture, and the only thing I have to do is to refit it, to be used on you, as I already told, I don’t share your feelings, but I will feed of them.

Most of the things from “innovative interrogation techniques” “white torture” “clean torture” “no touch torture” is already in BDSM and to turn it in to torture is basically just to prolong things, like chain you in very uncomfortable positions for a longer period of time, where it will go from uncomfortable to painful and then unbearable painful, and I am a very pertinence man, I am not in a hurry with you, I am not looking for a quick result more like a lasting result

The kind of fear I want to create is the kind of fear that will make you do anything for me, in processing of writing your profile as my slave girl, I was writing with a young girl, and out of everything I have been writing, the fear she had, that would make her do anything, was if I sent pictures and videos to her parents with her life as my slave, and that just turn me on and want more of that fear, but I also know that exactly fear would not last long, maybe just a month as slave, and after that she would send it herself if I told her to.

How extreme torture will be for you, I really don’t know, fear is not the same for every girl, but I can tell you that I am like a bloodhound sniffing around for a lost bone, I will find the things you fear the most and use them against you.

Samples of “innovative interrogation techniques” “white torture” “clean torture” “no touch torture”


Some girls have an almost panic fear of spiders, and this is how I will use that fear.

I will chain you lieing down on your back, take a spider place on your stomach use two chopsticks to guide it around on your body, let it crawl on your breasts, if you start to scream I will pick up the spider and put in your mouth, hold my hand over your mouth, smile and look you in your eyes, tell you to swallow your fear, and after I will drag things out, let my fingers run down of your body, and ask you “Can you feel it inside you?” and say “I wonder if it start to make babies inside you or if it will eat your brain”


Drive you to the woods in the middle of the night, take you out of the car, and take an ax, chain, spike and shovel from the trunk of the car, lead you to an open spot and hammer the spike in the ground and chain you ankle to it, and then tell you that you are becomed so useless to me, that it is time for us to say goodbye, hand you the shovel and tell you to dig your own grave, and stand in front of me when your are done so I can crack your scull, this will properly take you a few hours of digging, and of course I will comment on how useless you are even to dig your own grave, or to hurry up since I have a new girl coming in tomorrow. And at the end when your are almost done, I will just say “Oh well looks like the new girl canceled, so I guess I am stock with you. Useless is after all better then nothing, so start covering the hole up cunt”


A simple pair of handcuffs turned in to a painful instrument of torture. I will take your right arm up over your head and around to your neck, and your left arm around your back and cuff them them together, and then it is for me to wait, for the pain to come, I have all the time in the world, and at some point, you will be ready to do anything I ask of you to get out of the cuffs.


How the st Andrews cross becomes an instrument of torture. If you and I was to live in a D/S (Dumb & Stupid) the cross would be a place of pleasure for you, but we are not! So to changes it in to an instrument of torture, I would put on an adult diaper on you, chain you to the cross with your face against the wall, use nice leather cuffs and then just go about my business watch TV, eat, go on internet, sleep, shower and go to work, from time to time I will fill some water in you, but if I hear any sound from your mouth, I will gag you.

And for me it is just to wait for the fear and submission I want from you not mater how long it takes, in the end I will get everything I need from you.

Non of these 4 things will leave a mark on your body, it will however leave a powerful picture in your head.

These 13 points is written by a psychologist describing how CIA is using “innovative interrogation techniques” “white torture” “clean torture” “no touch torture” I will add my own notes so you get the idea of how I use it.

A1. Isolation: solitary confinement (no human contact whatsoever) or semi-solitary confinement (contact

only with interrogators, guards, and other personnel ancillary to the detention).

NOTE: This will be a part of your daily life, most days I will be the only other human you will see, you will learn to fear me, but also to be depending on me to take care of you.

A2. Psychological Debilitation: the effect of deprivation of food, water, clothes, or sleep, the disruption of

sleep cycles, prolonged standing, crouching, or kneeling, forced physical exertion, exposure to temperatures

leading to stifling or hypothermia.

NOTE: This I have also described, and I will describe about how I see objectification and discipline, since I think it belong here.

A3. Spatial Disorientation: confinement in small places; small, darkened or otherwise nonfunctional windows.

NOTE: Well you will be living in a cage under my bed.

A4. Temporal Disorientation: denial of natural light; night-time recreation time; erratic scheduling of meals, showers, or otherwise regular activities.

NOTE: I decide when and what you eat, and when to or if shower, and even when and if you I want you to go out or run.

A5. Sensory Disorientation: Use of magic rooms, i.e. holding facilities or interrogation chambers that induce misconceptions of sensory failure, narcosis, or hypnosis.

NOTE: I don’t have a magic room, but this is something I will make in the future, and I see it well connected to A7

A6. Sensory Deprivation: use of hooding, blindfolding, opaque goggles, darkness, sound proofing/

canceling headsets, nasal masks (possibly deodorized), gloves, arm covers, sensory deprivation tanks or vaults.

NOTE: This is already in your training, and a bit more will come about masks, gloves and arm covers.

A7. Sensory Assault (Over stimulation): use of bright or stroboscopic lights; loud noise (or music);

shouting or using public address equipment at close range.

NOTE: Look A5

A8. Induced Desperation: arbitrary arrest; indefinite detention; random punishment or reward; forced feeding; implanting sense of guilt, abandonment, or “learned helplessness”.

NOTE: This is also an everyday life thing also described already.

A9. Threats: to self or to others; threats of death, physical torture, or rendition; mock executions; forced witnessing of torture (visually or aurally).

NOTE: I have just described this, in this post.

A10. Feral Treatment: berating victim to the subhuman level of wild animals; forced nakedness; denial of personal hygiene; overcrowding; forced interaction with pests; contact with blood or excreta; bestiality; incest.

NOTE: Most of your life will be at a subhuman level, but I am not going to infect you with blood, pests or make you eat scat.

Normally you will eat you food from a dog bowel on the floor, but I will occasionally trow you food on the floor and tell you to lick it up, or in the toilet and tell you to eat it from the toilet.

A11. Sexual Humiliation: forcing the victim to witness or carry out masturbation, copulation, or other forms of sexual behavior.

NOTE: That will just be an average day in your life.

A12. Desecration: forcing victims to witness or engage in the violation of religious practices (irreverence, blasphemy, profanity, defilement, sacrilege, incest, Satanism).

NOTE: This only works if the slave girl actually be leave in a religion, other way I could make use of this is to force you to prey to God every day or night-time before bed.

A13. Pharmacological Manipulation: non-therapeutic use of drugs or placebos.

NOTE: This one I have gotten a lot of comments on, properly from ever crack whore from here to antarctic asking me what kind of drugs I offer, I can tell you that it is nothing you will feel good about or take away the pain.

Placebos are just a capsular contenting sugar, salt or coffee, but I would tell you it contained something else like LSD, a diseases or poison and tell you how it would make you feel, and you would properly be leave me after 30 hours with out food and sleep.

Actually drugs I have in mind is diuretic pills and laxative pills that would help you piss and shit yourself, and are pretty harmless.

Note: 13 CIA Torture Points Finished.

When it comes to your mind, I don’t really see any limits, I won’t say there is non, but so fare I have not come across any, I will keep your body tight and fit so you look fine on the outside, but inside your mind, might not be as pretty a picture.

The goal in the end with pain, torture and fucking up your mind is to turn you into a passive submissive slave girl who is in so deep submission, that if I was to hand you a knife, and tell you to cut of your own nipples, fried them and serve them for me, you would do it! Just to be clear I will never ask that, I am only using the picture to sate a point.

Dress up doll

Like everything else in your life I will control how you dress when I take you out or send you to school, you will be my slave girl dress up doll.

I will buy all your clothes in second hand stores, nothing is to good to my slave girl (If I thought it was safe to reuse condoms I would make you suck them clean and roll them back up) so to wear clothes that other girls trash out as useless will fit you very fine, I will send you off to a little sowing class, so you can learn to refit some of my findings.

I don´t have a partially style in mind for you, but I will try to describe to picture as good as I can.

In home you will be nude just wearing a collar and hairband, I will dress you with cuffs if I need it, and you are not going to wear makeup in home, from time to time I will train you to walk in high heels so you don’t forget it, but it is not going to be a daily event, (I can’t stand that click-clap on the wooden floor) and I will test out my finds in home, so I am sure it will fit my picture of how I want you to look like.

As a whore or porn slut I will dress you up with makeup and in high heels, stockings, short skirt, tight t shirt, blouse or short dress and a small jacket.

Other public like school or if I have to take you out, I will dress you in an alternative style, I really want people to take notice of you.

This could look like this.

1) Dress your hair with pink ribbon, a shirt from Frozen, army camouflage pants and high heels.

2) Dress you ultra conservative christian with long black dress, and a scarf to cover your hair like a muslim, the scarf I might use with your whore clothes as well.

3) Make you wear the same cloths for a month, wash and dry it everyday

When it comes to second hand stores I can’t really tell what I come across, this is not something that is pre made, but I have a creative mind, and I will make some very good mismatch in the style of clothes I tell you to wear.

Learning Names

I always wondered in this world why the girl get all the pretty names, and like everything else I will implement my own view on how to train you into my kind of slave and not something from the normal peoples way of BDSM.

You will learn to obey any name given to you by me at any given time, right now I like to call you “my child” but you can be sure that will pass, and you will get a lot of other names to obey like “slut” “dumb fuck” “whore” “fuck face” “slave” “stupid fuck” “ball face” “fat fuck” “cunt” “cum dump” “worthless” “cock scum” “cock breath” “ass scum” “worthless scum” “bitch” “girl” “worthless whore”

In the past I have tried to call a slave “it” but it is just not me, maybe it’s because English is my second languages or the way I talked to my dogs, I don’t know but it does not work for my, so don’t expect it even you will feel like “it”.

As for me, you will start in the beginning to call me Master, but I will take many names as well, and the way I will train you is, I will tell you to call me something, and you keep doing it to you get a new command, the way this will work is like this.

I will call on you “Come here my child” you will come and say “yes Master” I will tell you “I want you to call me God” and you will answer “Yes God” so now you should have the picture.

Other names I will take is “Your Grace” “Your Imperial Supreme Highness” “Father” “Papa” “Sir” “Grimm Reaper” “Satan” “Death” “No”

It will in the end help you remember things, and when I had enough I will changes my name.

Expolite you to porn


This is how I will expolite your cunt to porn and how you will be trained to be a perfect porn slut.

You will start your porn carer making live cam shows for strangers all over the world performing what they want to see, I will supply you with tools, like sex toys, gags, hoods, tails, clamps, wax and give you a task do, that can be amount of private shows, amount of money to make or amount of public shows begging strangers for money, telling what will happen to your ass if you do not for fill your given task.

Second step is to show live streaming and upload pics and videos of your training as described here on my site, so the world can see how your training progress, everything from how you drink the water in the toilet to you are becoming a human fucking machine, in this time I will collect a lot of material of you, I can use in the next step.

Third step is to go pro with you, I know two porn production companies in Copenhagen who might would be interested in making movies with you, I will send them a mail in your name, it will look something like this.

Attn Studio X

Hi. My name is….. I am years old…….and I am from…. Now marriage to a Danish man living in….. First of all my husband know about my dream, and is very supported in my wishes, and will accompany me to and of set if you should be interested in using me, I would also like if he could be allowed to check out the set and script for my safety.

I have had a long time dream about making porn movies, I like sex a lot and my husband is already getting more then he bargain for when he marriage me, I am a stay at home wife, so I don’t really care about the public attention, this might course, I am very clear and fine with you are selling the movies everywhere.

I am very skilled in sex, I started when I was very young and basically just love cocks, white cocks, black cocks, yellow cocks, brown cocks, big cocks, small cocks, medium cocks, young cocks, old cocks just about any cock handed to me, and I take girls to, I just love it.

I am not picky about the movies I am whiling to make with your company, I will go with anything from soft porn to hard sex, I love face, ass and tit slapping just as much as the next girl.

I list a few movies I would like to make, and if you have any other ideas, please don’t hesitate to ask.

One on one (man or girl)

Group sex

Gang bang

Gang rape

Rough sex

Anal sex

Fisting (virginal)



I am available in weekends, holidays and vacation or whenever it fits in my husbands schedule, I attach pictures and videos of me.

Hope too hear from you soon.

Best wishes xxxx

And then it’s just to wait for there contacting back, it takes about 15 hours to make one movie, and I am not setting and wait for you to get it done, but I will however make sure you fear me more then going through with whatever they cook up for you, and when to movie is done I will get a copy and watch it while you are sucking my cock..

It is well established that I am crazy for wanting this life and do all of these things to you, but I am not completely insane, so I will check out any set, and I will ask them questions before letting them use you, I will never let you be used in something that exceed my limits or in anything where I feel there is a risk for you being sick, but this will be a part of your training as long as they want to use your cunt..


How I will pet you as my slave, something I use to like my dog did was when she would come and sit between my legs under the table and rest her head on my knee, and I use to pet her neck to she would pass out and fall on the floor and sleep next to my feet.

Another thing she would do, was come up in the sofa and lie her head on my figh, and get petted in her neck and back, I don’t expect you will pass out or come without a command to do so, but in the end you will learn to be petted.

From time to time I will wash you, so I am sure you are actually clean, I will take you to the shower and spray your body and hair with water, soap your hair and every inch of your body, shower your hair and body free from soap, dry you up and lead you to the living room sofa table, tell you to get up on all four, then I will first brush your hair to it is nice and smooth, when I am done with your hair I will lotion in your body starting from your neck down your back and in between your butt, get behind you, and lotion you from your throat down your tits and down between your legs, next I will grab your ankle stretch your leg out backwards and lotion it in, push it back and do the same with your other leg, when I am done I will do the same to your arms, when I am finished I will let you be, and you will become an object that I can be proud of and enjoy, to I want to use you again.

I don’t want to sleep with you daily, but there is a few times where I will take you to my bed and let you spend the night with me.

If I worked you over pretty good, and your body have some nice swollen strips, surely I would want you next to me and enjoy my work, I would mix some tiger balm with olive oil dip my finger and follow the strips on your body and would consider myself lucky, if I could make you cry yourself to sleep.

If I have taken you to a gang bang and all you holes has been fucked good and are hurting, I will you to my bed and sleep with you, I will treat you like a kid on prom night, and hopefully it will hurt more then the very first time you had sex, you will like a virgin all over again, I wonder if your nipples will be sensitive too, will I guess I will find out in good time.