I will try to show you a picture off, how our day starts.. I always get up early, even I only work for 4 – 5 hours a day, I like to have plenty of time in the mornings..

When the alarm clock goes off, you will come up to me in my bed, and take my cock in your mouth, and suck it dry, (Don’t be surprised if my cock end up in your mouth, 5 times or more a day. when you have empty my cock for the nightly semen production and I am finished with you, and kick you out of bed.

Your training starts, you will roll out your mat on the floor, and start just like in the video 1, when you are finished, you will dress in a training suit, and run in a rout I will make for you something like between 4 and 7 kilometers, I have an iPhone I will give you when you run so I can track from home and a stopwatch so I can time you from time to time, I will follow the progress with your body close.

When you come home, you will undress, and do same as in video 2 . (Sometimes I properly want you to suck on my cock, when you come home, right now it is pretty cold in Denmark, so I would love to stick my cock in your cold mouth) When you are finished, we will shower together, you will wash and clean my body, dry me before you are allowed to wash yourself..

How ever your body look like when you arrives, is not important, only how I make you look like after awhile is important, I can work just as well with anorexia as overweight or a plain body.

The exercise program is not firm, I will make it fit to what I see your body needs, your food will also get adjusted to what I see it needs, you can compere yourself to a dog, I use to have two beautiful rottweilers the always got what they needed of food and exercise and was the envy of the town I was living in, I might treat you whose then a dog in other ways, but your health and form is not one of them, I want to increase my property value not decrease it, and I have to look at your naked body like 90 % of your life, so I will form you to my liking.