How I will pet you as my slave, something I use to like my dog did was when she would come and sit between my legs under the table and rest her head on my knee, and I use to pet her neck to she would pass out and fall on the floor and sleep next to my feet.

Another thing she would do, was come up in the sofa and lie her head on my figh, and get petted in her neck and back, I don’t expect you will pass out or come without a command to do so, but in the end you will learn to be petted.

From time to time I will wash you, so I am sure you are actually clean, I will take you to the shower and spray your body and hair with water, soap your hair and every inch of your body, shower your hair and body free from soap, dry you up and lead you to the living room sofa table, tell you to get up on all four, then I will first brush your hair to it is nice and smooth, when I am done with your hair I will lotion in your body starting from your neck down your back and in between your butt, get behind you, and lotion you from your throat down your tits and down between your legs, next I will grab your ankle stretch your leg out backwards and lotion it in, push it back and do the same with your other leg, when I am done I will do the same to your arms, when I am finished I will let you be, and you will become an object that I can be proud of and enjoy, to I want to use you again.

I don’t want to sleep with you daily, but there is a few times where I will take you to my bed and let you spend the night with me.

If I worked you over pretty good, and your body have some nice swollen strips, surely I would want you next to me and enjoy my work, I would mix some tiger balm with olive oil dip my finger and follow the strips on your body and would consider myself lucky, if I could make you cry yourself to sleep.

If I have taken you to a gang bang and all you holes has been fucked good and are hurting, I will you to my bed and sleep with you, I will treat you like a kid on prom night, and hopefully it will hurt more then the very first time you had sex, you will like a virgin all over again, I wonder if your nipples will be sensitive too, will I guess I will find out in good time.