Learning Names

I always wondered in this world why the girl get all the pretty names, and like everything else I will implement my own view on how to train you into my kind of slave and not something from the normal peoples way of BDSM.

You will learn to obey any name given to you by me at any given time, right now I like to call you “my child” but you can be sure that will pass, and you will get a lot of other names to obey like “slut” “dumb fuck” “whore” “fuck face” “slave” “stupid fuck” “ball face” “fat fuck” “cunt” “cum dump” “worthless” “cock scum” “cock breath” “ass scum” “worthless scum” “bitch” “girl” “worthless whore”

In the past I have tried to call a slave “it” but it is just not me, maybe it’s because English is my second languages or the way I talked to my dogs, I don’t know but it does not work for my, so don’t expect it even you will feel like “it”.

As for me, you will start in the beginning to call me Master, but I will take many names as well, and the way I will train you is, I will tell you to call me something, and you keep doing it to you get a new command, the way this will work is like this.

I will call on you “Come here my child” you will come and say “yes Master” I will tell you “I want you to call me God” and you will answer “Yes God” so now you should have the picture.

Other names I will take is “Your Grace” “Your Imperial Supreme Highness” “Father” “Papa” “Sir” “Grimm Reaper” “Satan” “Death” “No”

It will in the end help you remember things, and when I had enough I will changes my name.