Torture, pain and your mind.

Let me just start to say I love my whips, crops and canes but if your are looking for a Master to tear the flesh of your bones it’s not me you want, I actually want you to feel something else then joy from the things I do to you.

How extreme I will get with pain and torture is determent by you mind, I am not bringing a knife to a gun fight, but I am not bringing a cannon to a duck hunt either, I get a drive from your feelings and emotions, so I want to prolong this for years so I can suck every single feeling and emotion out of you to there is nothing left, and after when your mind is just one big roll of pictures I have installed there, I will spend years enjoying my work, my creations.

In your daily training I will use cane, crop and my hands to correct you, and unless you are completely stupid, the crop and cane will go back in my toolbox after awhile, I don’t see a need to fix something that actually works, and if you need a quick correction a slap in the face should do the trick, and my hands also enjoys ass, tit and thigh slapping.

My whips are not going to collect dust, but pain session is not going to be anything near daily events, as I like to drag these things out for hours and let you wait, whip you and let you wait again for more, I have a nice collection of clamps you will learn the feeling of as well while you are waiting.

Normally when I write about torture on a profile page, I get to kinds of reply either from girls who want me to scar and damage them for life, and sending me the most brutal pictures or I get replies from girls, that think I am way way to extreme, and I think both types of girls think the same when I write torture, they picture me with a big bag, with a lot of sharp tools, red hot iron and whips made of barbwire on so on, but this is not the kind of torture I am using.

The kind of torture I am using is known as “innovative interrogation techniques” “white torture” “clean torture” “no touch torture” and it favors the mind over extreme pain like cutting or burning or whatever pictures you have seen in a movie.

Pain is still used but only in a way there will leave no trace on your body after a few days, this kind of torture is created by psychologists, and it is well documented from both sides the victims and the torture, and the only thing I have to do is to refit it, to be used on you, as I already told, I don’t share your feelings, but I will feed of them.

Most of the things from “innovative interrogation techniques” “white torture” “clean torture” “no touch torture” is already in BDSM and to turn it in to torture is basically just to prolong things, like chain you in very uncomfortable positions for a longer period of time, where it will go from uncomfortable to painful and then unbearable painful, and I am a very pertinence man, I am not in a hurry with you, I am not looking for a quick result more like a lasting result

The kind of fear I want to create is the kind of fear that will make you do anything for me, in processing of writing your profile as my slave girl, I was writing with a young girl, and out of everything I have been writing, the fear she had, that would make her do anything, was if I sent pictures and videos to her parents with her life as my slave, and that just turn me on and want more of that fear, but I also know that exactly fear would not last long, maybe just a month as slave, and after that she would send it herself if I told her to.

How extreme torture will be for you, I really don’t know, fear is not the same for every girl, but I can tell you that I am like a bloodhound sniffing around for a lost bone, I will find the things you fear the most and use them against you.

Samples of “innovative interrogation techniques” “white torture” “clean torture” “no touch torture”


Some girls have an almost panic fear of spiders, and this is how I will use that fear.

I will chain you lieing down on your back, take a spider place on your stomach use two chopsticks to guide it around on your body, let it crawl on your breasts, if you start to scream I will pick up the spider and put in your mouth, hold my hand over your mouth, smile and look you in your eyes, tell you to swallow your fear, and after I will drag things out, let my fingers run down of your body, and ask you “Can you feel it inside you?” and say “I wonder if it start to make babies inside you or if it will eat your brain”


Drive you to the woods in the middle of the night, take you out of the car, and take an ax, chain, spike and shovel from the trunk of the car, lead you to an open spot and hammer the spike in the ground and chain you ankle to it, and then tell you that you are becomed so useless to me, that it is time for us to say goodbye, hand you the shovel and tell you to dig your own grave, and stand in front of me when your are done so I can crack your scull, this will properly take you a few hours of digging, and of course I will comment on how useless you are even to dig your own grave, or to hurry up since I have a new girl coming in tomorrow. And at the end when your are almost done, I will just say “Oh well looks like the new girl canceled, so I guess I am stock with you. Useless is after all better then nothing, so start covering the hole up cunt”


A simple pair of handcuffs turned in to a painful instrument of torture. I will take your right arm up over your head and around to your neck, and your left arm around your back and cuff them them together, and then it is for me to wait, for the pain to come, I have all the time in the world, and at some point, you will be ready to do anything I ask of you to get out of the cuffs.


How the st Andrews cross becomes an instrument of torture. If you and I was to live in a D/S (Dumb & Stupid) the cross would be a place of pleasure for you, but we are not! So to changes it in to an instrument of torture, I would put on an adult diaper on you, chain you to the cross with your face against the wall, use nice leather cuffs and then just go about my business watch TV, eat, go on internet, sleep, shower and go to work, from time to time I will fill some water in you, but if I hear any sound from your mouth, I will gag you.

And for me it is just to wait for the fear and submission I want from you not mater how long it takes, in the end I will get everything I need from you.

Non of these 4 things will leave a mark on your body, it will however leave a powerful picture in your head.

These 13 points is written by a psychologist describing how CIA is using “innovative interrogation techniques” “white torture” “clean torture” “no touch torture” I will add my own notes so you get the idea of how I use it.

A1. Isolation: solitary confinement (no human contact whatsoever) or semi-solitary confinement (contact

only with interrogators, guards, and other personnel ancillary to the detention).

NOTE: This will be a part of your daily life, most days I will be the only other human you will see, you will learn to fear me, but also to be depending on me to take care of you.

A2. Psychological Debilitation: the effect of deprivation of food, water, clothes, or sleep, the disruption of

sleep cycles, prolonged standing, crouching, or kneeling, forced physical exertion, exposure to temperatures

leading to stifling or hypothermia.

NOTE: This I have also described, and I will describe about how I see objectification and discipline, since I think it belong here.

A3. Spatial Disorientation: confinement in small places; small, darkened or otherwise nonfunctional windows.

NOTE: Well you will be living in a cage under my bed.

A4. Temporal Disorientation: denial of natural light; night-time recreation time; erratic scheduling of meals, showers, or otherwise regular activities.

NOTE: I decide when and what you eat, and when to or if shower, and even when and if you I want you to go out or run.

A5. Sensory Disorientation: Use of magic rooms, i.e. holding facilities or interrogation chambers that induce misconceptions of sensory failure, narcosis, or hypnosis.

NOTE: I don’t have a magic room, but this is something I will make in the future, and I see it well connected to A7

A6. Sensory Deprivation: use of hooding, blindfolding, opaque goggles, darkness, sound proofing/

canceling headsets, nasal masks (possibly deodorized), gloves, arm covers, sensory deprivation tanks or vaults.

NOTE: This is already in your training, and a bit more will come about masks, gloves and arm covers.

A7. Sensory Assault (Over stimulation): use of bright or stroboscopic lights; loud noise (or music);

shouting or using public address equipment at close range.

NOTE: Look A5

A8. Induced Desperation: arbitrary arrest; indefinite detention; random punishment or reward; forced feeding; implanting sense of guilt, abandonment, or “learned helplessness”.

NOTE: This is also an everyday life thing also described already.

A9. Threats: to self or to others; threats of death, physical torture, or rendition; mock executions; forced witnessing of torture (visually or aurally).

NOTE: I have just described this, in this post.

A10. Feral Treatment: berating victim to the subhuman level of wild animals; forced nakedness; denial of personal hygiene; overcrowding; forced interaction with pests; contact with blood or excreta; bestiality; incest.

NOTE: Most of your life will be at a subhuman level, but I am not going to infect you with blood, pests or make you eat scat.

Normally you will eat you food from a dog bowel on the floor, but I will occasionally trow you food on the floor and tell you to lick it up, or in the toilet and tell you to eat it from the toilet.

A11. Sexual Humiliation: forcing the victim to witness or carry out masturbation, copulation, or other forms of sexual behavior.

NOTE: That will just be an average day in your life.

A12. Desecration: forcing victims to witness or engage in the violation of religious practices (irreverence, blasphemy, profanity, defilement, sacrilege, incest, Satanism).

NOTE: This only works if the slave girl actually be leave in a religion, other way I could make use of this is to force you to prey to God every day or night-time before bed.

A13. Pharmacological Manipulation: non-therapeutic use of drugs or placebos.

NOTE: This one I have gotten a lot of comments on, properly from ever crack whore from here to antarctic asking me what kind of drugs I offer, I can tell you that it is nothing you will feel good about or take away the pain.

Placebos are just a capsular contenting sugar, salt or coffee, but I would tell you it contained something else like LSD, a diseases or poison and tell you how it would make you feel, and you would properly be leave me after 30 hours with out food and sleep.

Actually drugs I have in mind is diuretic pills and laxative pills that would help you piss and shit yourself, and are pretty harmless.

Note: 13 CIA Torture Points Finished.

When it comes to your mind, I don’t really see any limits, I won’t say there is non, but so fare I have not come across any, I will keep your body tight and fit so you look fine on the outside, but inside your mind, might not be as pretty a picture.

The goal in the end with pain, torture and fucking up your mind is to turn you into a passive submissive slave girl who is in so deep submission, that if I was to hand you a knife, and tell you to cut of your own nipples, fried them and serve them for me, you would do it! Just to be clear I will never ask that, I am only using the picture to sate a point.