Dress up doll

Like everything else in your life I will control how you dress when I take you out or send you to school, you will be my slave girl dress up doll.

I will buy all your clothes in second hand stores, nothing is to good to my slave girl (If I thought it was safe to reuse condoms I would make you suck them clean and roll them back up) so to wear clothes that other girls trash out as useless will fit you very fine, I will send you off to a little sowing class, so you can learn to refit some of my findings.

I don´t have a partially style in mind for you, but I will try to describe to picture as good as I can.

In home you will be nude just wearing a collar and hairband, I will dress you with cuffs if I need it, and you are not going to wear makeup in home, from time to time I will train you to walk in high heels so you don’t forget it, but it is not going to be a daily event, (I can’t stand that click-clap on the wooden floor) and I will test out my finds in home, so I am sure it will fit my picture of how I want you to look like.

As a whore or porn slut I will dress you up with makeup and in high heels, stockings, short skirt, tight t shirt, blouse or short dress and a small jacket.

Other public like school or if I have to take you out, I will dress you in an alternative style, I really want people to take notice of you.

This could look like this.

1) Dress your hair with pink ribbon, a shirt from Frozen, army camouflage pants and high heels.

2) Dress you ultra conservative christian with long black dress, and a scarf to cover your hair like a muslim, the scarf I might use with your whore clothes as well.

3) Make you wear the same cloths for a month, wash and dry it everyday

When it comes to second hand stores I can’t really tell what I come across, this is not something that is pre made, but I have a creative mind, and I will make some very good mismatch in the style of clothes I tell you to wear.