Piss slave

There is no way around this, as my slave you will learn to drink my piss, I don’t expect you to love it, but I will tell you to smile, so it looks like you love it.

I have a nice open mouth gag I made from a drain pipe years ago, and it is perfect to use when we start your training, it will make you look like a little toilet, and keep your mouth nice and open for me, I will drink a pot of coffee and a few litter of water before we start, so you can get a good lesson in golden shower, and when I feel it coming I will tell you to get out to the bathroom and kneel down, then I will come to you and stuff you with gag, unzip my pants and take out my cock with one hand, and the other hand I will take a solid grip in the hair in your neck.

I will start to piss in the drain pipe, but not all of it, I want you to have my piss in your mouth, nose, ears and all the way down of your body to the floor, when I am good and done, I will zip my pants and remove the gag, wash my hands, and tell you to lick up every drop of piss from the floor, only time will tell if I need to get my Cain to the last part, but I am confident that we will get there in the end.

I have shared this video so you can get an idea of where I wish to take you.