With a slave in my household I do not expect to clean up after you, I can understand if you are in need of some motivation to get the job done. I went to bordingschool when I was young, and all the students cleaned there own room and the rest of the school, so I actually can clean, and are only happy to teach you. You might get a different experience then I had.

In the beginning I will supervise you and correct you, but I do expect that it is something you will learn to handle, when I am not home.

And to make sure you have done a good job, I will make a cleaning inspection, and it will start in the bathroom. I will tell you to go out to the bathroom and wait for me, and I will make you wait for a bite.

When I come out to you I will tell you to kneel down and lick the shower drain, and after we can move forward, I will tell you to lick random tile on the floor and walls, to we reach the end with the sink, and I will tell you the lick the sink inside and outside, and now the time is come to the toilet, where I will tell you to kneel down and lick the toilet seat inside and outside, we are almost done with the toilet, I just forgot one thing, you will wait for me kneeling down in front of the toilet, when I come back I will hand you a straw, and tell you to drink up, when you are finished, we can move on, on the way out from the bathroom I will tell you to kneel down and suck on the door handle.

Time for the kitchen, where I will tell you the kneel down and lick the bottom of the closet with the garbage first, and make you crawl on the floor and lick random places and we finish of with you licking the closet handlers and the kitchen sink.

The rest is easy for you licking random places I point out for you and of course windowsill.

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