Limitless slave

As my slave you can or will not have any limits and will be a limitless slave, but there will be limits in our life. I consider myself a narcissistic sadist, and I am very self aware about what I am, and there is places I do not wish to explore in my mind, in another time I would properly have been a viking, hangman or an SS officer. but now it’s 2018 and I live in Denmark among normal sane people, and I am not going to live out my fantasies at all costs.

So I have a list of limits/things I will not do, some set by the sadist in me and some set by the narcissist in me or health and practical reasons, and do not try to changes my limits, because it will not happen. If I lent you out or let other play with you, it will be within my limits.

Animal sex

Anal Fisting

Body mods and tattoos

Cutting and needles (Scaring in any form)

Full time imprisonment/Gimp

Broken bones

Removing of clit and other limbs



Stuff and feed/fat up you, like a pig

Scat (Full toilet)

Tied up breasts

This is just some of the things I am been asked over time, so there might other things I will add