Settling in and find your place

I don’t expect you to just walk in to my life, and can do all the things I describe for you, there will be a period of time for you to settle in and find your place in my life, and where I will help you the best way I can, there is a lot of things for you to get use to, I can’t promise you an easy life, but I can promise you a life without any control, I will control everything from what tampon you use, to what and when to eat, what to wear, be nude 24/7, be a sexual object, captivity, suck my cock right and to give up all this control, I don’t bi leave will happen in just one or two days, more like one month, where I will work hard with you, to I feel that you finally know your place.

I this settle in period I will keep you secure locked, when I go out, and I am not prepared to let you start your running so you will start your exercise at home in the beginning, as you can see I made a bed just for you (everything else I have in my collection I have bought/made and used on other girls, but the bed is just for you) I finished it this weekend and half way trough painting, I was almost out of paint, so I had to piss in the paint to paint, so I could paint it inside where you shall sleep (some gratitude like a thank you Master is expected)

But you bed/cage is not the only way I want to luck and secure you here are some of the other ways

1) Handcuffed to bars of you cage sitting upright front and back.

2) Handcuffed inside you cage hands front and back

3) Handcuff you wrists and ankles together lying on the hardwood floor, bathroom, in your cage, and in my bed.

There will properly be a few other ways, but this is on top on my list, and you can expect your fair shake of gagging, I want you to be very happy to see my when I come home to you, just like a dog would be to see it’s Master.

In the settle in period, you will learn to know my entire BDSM collection, day by day, the way I want you to learn about my whips, is to line all of them up (expect the cane) and tell you to chose one, this will maybe not fell right for you, but this is never the less what I want, and if you have a hard time choosing I will strike you with the cane, to you do pick one, I will chain you to the cross and you will learn the pain from the chosen whip, I will not take you all the way, since I have to use and reuse you over and over day by day.

After one month we should have formed some kind of bound together as Master and slave, I am not talking about love, more like belonging together, I don´t have empathy for you, I will never be able to feel what you feel, the closes I can come is to read about the psychological impact of the things I do to you inflict the human mind, but it’s all pure since for me, research and study, daily abuse, physically, sexual and mental leads to Stockholm syndrome or as it is also called battered wife syndrome, what ever you will get it with inn one month or one year, I really don’t know, but you will get there in the end.

You first meeting with the outside world, is going to be a trip to the local government office, where I will register you as a legal resident in Denmark and you will get a Danish social security number, next I will make an appointment with the mayors office, so we can get a marriage license, well I am not marring you out of love, but here is a list of things this will help us to live the live wee want.

1) You can stay in Denmark without working, and be my slave full time.

2) Economics I can move your tax reduction to my name, so I don’t have to tax, and I can take care of you day to day needs.

3) It would be very hard for me to get arrested for the things, I am about to do to you.

4) I can basically in a marriage have to full control over you, regarding banks, tax everything a normal girl would get, it allow me to take and read any mail in your name, you are not going to open or read any letter sent to you for the rest of my life.

Next I will get a bank account in your name and form a company in your name as well, how much I ever adore to see you behind bars, it is only to be my bars and not the governments, in Denmark it’s legal to sell sex, as long as the taxman get his share of your cunt, and at some point I will get to the porn and whore part with you, so this just makes everything ready.

Final stop is going to be a trip to your new doctor, (who is also my doctor) so you can get birth control pills, I know this will be awesome for me. The way this will play out is, he will start ask you a bunch of questions about sexual history and activity, and finally he will tell you to undress, get up on the bench, put you legs in the spread bars and examine your cunt, and I will be there to oversee everything, I might even look him over the shoulder, I am sure he will speak to you in English, but to me he will speak danish, so in the end I hope you will feel like a dog going to the vet.

Somewhere after I get you register as a legal resident in Denmark, I will receive a letter to you from the government telling you to attend danish classes, so you can learn to speak, read and write danish, if it was up to me I could not care less about you learning danish, I can express myself just fine in English.

This part have given me a lot to think and rethink about, I don’t rally care if you humiliate yourself by telling you are a slave and you came to Denmark to serve your Master, but it might rise some red flags, and come back and hit me as boomerang so I had to rethink it, and the thinking was about how I can bring all this into your training, so you can get through as fast as possible.

This is how I want this to play out, when they ask you why you came to Denmark, you will tell them, that you came for marriage, and both you and your husband are very conservative about the female role, so you live as a stay at home wife, and that is why you are not working, you work is to be a good housewife with cooking, cleaning and take care of your husband, and that will also take care of the other students if they ask you to visit, visit them, go out for eat/movie/shopping you will just answer “I have to ask my husband” and the next day you just say that your husband said no, in the end they might think your are a submissive doormat and I am male chauvinistic pig, but it won’t rise any red flag. I shall try not to dress you up like a crack whore on your first day in school, even it is going to be bloody hard for me.

Regarding your training, I will see if I can get your classes in the time I am at work, so I can drop you of and pick you up on my way to work, and in home at evening or afternoon I will tell you to kneel in front of me and ask what you have learned today, and I will help with correct you pronouncing word in danish, and if I have to repeat myself over and over, I will tell you to get up and strike your ass with the cane. I will just say that this whole headmaster scenario is forced on you by the danish government, so thank them not me. This will be going on for 3 – 6 months, the government has some kind of a test they want you to pass, and I will make a test of my own, with all the important words like fuck face, whore, cock scum, cunt just the basic stuff.

I will make a more precis schedule for you later on, so you can see our life hour by hour, but for now, I am pretty much done with the whole beginning of our lifes.