Toilet eating whore

I will tell you to get out and kneel in front of the toilet, as you come out to the toilet, you see the camera recording in the corner, with a perfect view of you and the toilet as you kneel down.

I come out to you, I have your bowl of food in my hand, I place it on the washing machine, and turn around to you, unzipping my pants, take out my cock and start to piss down in the toilet, when I am done, I shake my cock in your face, and splatter you with the last urine, before I dry my cock clean in your hair, when I finished I put my cock back in and zip my pants, clean my hands and use the towel to dry them.

I take your bowl of food and empty it down in the toilet, and tell you.

“I just served your food, start eating”

“Yes, Master”

You start to move your head forward down in the toilet, I grab the hair in your neck, pull you back up.

”I can’t be leave you are so stupid, do I really have to teach you everything?”

“Stick your hand down in the toilet and grab a handful food”

“Put it in your nasty mouth, look into the camera, thew and swallow”

“Do you understand! Girl”

“Yes, Master”

You start to eat, while I am standing next to and enjoy the scene I have created, before I hurry on you.

“Are you not hungry girl?”

“You understands what happen with your food, when I flush”

“Yes, Master I understand”

“Good girl, finish up quickly”

“Yes, Master”

When you are done, I press your head forward down in the toilet, and place my boat in your neck, pressing you all the way down to my piss and your leftovers.

“It’s time for you to get your mouth cleaned girl”

Then I flush the toilet, when it is finishing flushing, I remove my boat.

“Set up straight girl! And wait here”

“Yes, Master”

I remove the camera, and leave you to dry up and go into the living room, where I will process the video and upload it to a few porn sites with your real name of course, this will take a few hours, while you are waiting on your knees looking down in the toilet.

I will take of my pants and underwear, sit down with my laptop on the table before I call you.

“Girl get in here and stand attention!”

You hurry in to me and stand straight with your arms crossed on your back.

I hand you a can of tiger balm

“Take it girl!”

You take a step forward and take the can from my hand.

“Now I want you to rub your cunt good, make sure you don’t miss a single spot”

“Did you tiny brain received the information?”

“Yes, Master”

You rub your cunt carefully, making sure my command is followed to the letter.

“Just put the can on the table girl”

You do as I ask

“Are your cunt good and dry now girl?”

“Yes, Master”

“Very good my dearest child, now get in under the table and start sucking on my cock”

“Suck it very slowly, we have a long and hard evening ahead of us”

“It’s time for everyone you know to see, what kind of nasty little cunt you are!”

“I have logged on to your Facebook account, and now I will share you movie, with everyone you have ever met, or known from high school and up to now”

“Every time I click send, I will tell you there name”

“If anyone calls you one video chat, I will just open the cam”

I put down an external webcam, and adjust it so I can see you sucking my cock.