Anal training

Ever since I fuck a girl in the ass, and she got an orgasm in her very first anal experience, anal training has been nagging me, and I really had to think about how I could take that pleasure away from you.

Before I even want to stick anything up your ass, I will have to prepare your ass first, the way a will prepare your ass is to get you down on your knees with your face on the floor, and tell you to spreed your but cheeks so you asshole is totally exposed, then I will strike your asshole with my cane, this I will do over and over to your asshole is sore, you might let go of your but cheeks, and you will feel the cane on your back, thighs or ass and hear the command “Spreed them, cunt”

When your ass is sore and you feel like it’s pumping, when you contract your asshole you feel pain, when you relax the pain fade down, then and first then is time to use your asshole, whatever I want to fuck you, or use my toys on you, and you will feel me, and hopefully is I the only one who get pleasure and joy from your asshole, if you do get an orgasm I will prepare you better next time.

Your ass will be train to my cock, inflatable anal dildo, normal dildo and anal hooks, I have never done anal fisting, and since I was reading a news article with someone running a run with a shitbag for the rest of her life after anal fisting, I put it on my limit list you can see in Limitless slave

I have a few tails fox and horse with anal plugs, but I don’t really see them as a part of your anal training even they will go up your ass as well, but I will use them without preparing your asshole.