Menstrual training

Like everything else I will use what I can against you, and your monthly period is just one more way I will make you pay dearly, you will be trained well in handler your menstruation in everything from the smell to the taste you will learn it.

Your training will start with licking and sucking my cock clean of your menstrual blood after I have fucked your nasty cunt, in the beginning I will use stockage and open mouth gag, lock you tight on all four with your head locked in the stockaged and your open mouth ready for my cock, when I have fucked you from behind just to I am almost cumming, I will stop and move to your mouth, and start to fuck it in the open mouth gag, to you get my load of semen together with your menstrual blood and the smell of your cunt, it will properly take a few months to train you well, but I do expect to lose the stockage and open mouth gag at some point.

Years ago I converted a gas mask into to cunt smell training, it can be used to some B/C as well but it was not why I made it, I will use it to learn you how your cunt is smelling, and this will be when you have your monthly, or if I fuck you several times in a day.

It works as a blindfold as well, and the concept is very simple, I will duct tape the hose to your cunt, and you can stand in total darkness, and get every breath of air directly from your cunt.

Last training with your menstrual blood, is something from the dog world. Back when I had a female rottweiler, I notice that when she had her menstruation and dropped some blood on the floor, she would turn around sniff it and then lick it up, and honestly if a dog can do it, then so can you, and let’s face it there will be times where I will forget to buy tampons to you, I do expect there will be a lot of hair pulling, face slapping and caning before you are well trained.

When you are trained well as a dog it will look like this. If you walk around in home, when you have your period and drop a drop of blood on the floor, I want you to turn around, get on your knees, sniff the blood and then lick it of floor. If you are crawling around in home and spill a drop of blood, I want you to circle back, sniff the blood and then lick it up, it is really not that hard!