Obedience, discipline and objectification


Obedience training you will find in almost everything I write in here, whatever this is about how I want you to stand attention or whore you out, make you lick up my piss, obedience is for me about how fare you are ready to go in obeying my commands, from the most silly to the most insane.

(Like picking up my socks and underwear with your mouth, and stick your head in the washing machine to drop them, to dig your own grave)

Obviously I don’t start your training with the most insane, I start from the bottom and work my way up, and every time you hesitate obeying my command, I will pound, smash, pull, push and in the end destroy that limit you have in your obedience, and move on to the next one. And the end goal is for me to make you obey beyond my death from my grave.


Discipline training is for me more about the self discipline you have, I can only teach you so much, like how to behave as my slave, eat, shit, piss, talk, sleep, stand, sit, kneel, crawl, fuck, suck, but in the end you require self discipline to maintain all of what I teach you, see yourself as a soldier standing guard outside a palaces, he don’t move or blink even if a bird shit in his face, and there is no one around to command him, that is self discipline that keep him standing, I will correct you if you are out of order, but in the end it will be your self discipline that maintain order.

If a soldier abandon his post, he will get punished, and if you do not maintain your self discipline, you might wake up one day, thinking that you are tired of being a slave, and break out of line, you will face yourself at the very beginning, this is consent to non consensual, total power exchanges slavery, so whatever I have to do for you to retain your self discipline I will do it!


Objectification is for me more then transform you into a useful object like a pet, table, lamp, Christmas tree, foot stole, astray, shoe rack, toilet paper dispenser or a pissoir all of these objects require me to actually use you, and I am not going use you 24/7, and that is not going to happen. I want you to compare it to a picture hanging over the sofa, you look at it when you hang it up, and then you set down in the sofa and ignore it, that picture is completely and other useless, and that is exactly how I want to transform you to, approximately 1 m3 of air to be ignored.

Useless objects I will use all the positions I teach you like, sit, kneel, stand, get on four, spreed you ass, lie with spreed legs, present cunt and so on, I will give you a command, look at you one time (like the sofa picture) and then I will ignore you, to I want to use you again, or I will turn of the light, forget you and not think of you before lieing in bed, thinking about what is missing ((my fucking blowjob is missing, that’s what!) (where the fuck is cunt?)) and call or come and get you.

Even in the car you will become an object of air, sitting on the right side (where I can’t see you in the mirror), with child lock on the door (only time I will open the door for you, is when I get you the first time) so you will get in, in the right side and get out in the left side, and if I want you to suck my cock, I will just tell you to get out, and open the drivers door, and you can sit on the sidewalk and sock my cock. Just to be clear I am not interested in getting arrested, and if people are walking by, I will tell you to get in the front seat and suck my cock, but alone at night with some risk of other seeing us, you will be on your knees on the sidewalk.


I will give you as many tasks as possible and use you as often as possible, but I am not a cyborg! And a part of your life you will become a useless object, just waiting for my command to serve or please me, living on the floor.

Everything on my website about our future life, is for me connected to obedience, discipline and objectification, even torture and pain is for me connected to this, as this will be a tool to obtain perfection of your obedience, discipline and objectification.

As I see it, you need to obey and have the self discipline to be able to actually become an object.

I know my views are not normal in BDSM, but this is my picture of you and our life together, not a book, video or forum dictating what I want and need! My picture and fantasy about you and me, are purely mine and mine alone.