Hair removal

You will keep your hair on your head for the first 3 – 4 years, and I will take good care of it, every 4 – 6 months, I will take you to a hair dresser, so you can get of tear and wear, so your hair will be kept, and a trip to the hair dresser will be just like going to the doctor, I will talk for you like you are in third person, and tell what I want them to do to your hair, I might tell them a sad story about you are like a broken kuk kuk clock, there is someone in there, but they never come out, and that you are my daughter, nice or cousin and your mother is dead.

In home you will use hair band in ponytail, ribbon or just lose hair, as I want, I will tell you, I will groom you every once in a while, but normal I will put in your daily routine, so you do it per automatic.

After 3 – 4 years when I am happy with your hair, I will cut it all of, and turn it into an anal plug, so you will get a hair transplantation from your head to your ass, I am going to have a lot of fun with you, seeing your own hair is sticking out of your ass, and I am sure you will become a viral hit on the internet.

Another viral hit is going to be your cunt hair removal, I will tell you to sit on the floor on a mirror with spreed legs free view of your cunt and give you a tweezers, so you can remove your cunt hair one by one, and when your are done or done for the day, I will tell you to lick up your cunt hair, and crawl out to the toilet and spit them out, you may take the trip more then one time, so I really can enjoy it and laugh at you.

For the rest, I might get you a shaver to take care of armpits and legs if needed.

As for me, I will never shave for slave cunt, I want you to lick and suck my hairy cock, balls and ass.