Shock collar treatment

Slave girl shock collar treatment, have been in my mind for years, and I am not sure other would use it in a same way as I see it, I know if I was to do the same to a dog, it would never become a normal dog again.

I will give you a shock collar in present Christmas or you birthday (since I am a nice Master) and you may fear it the moment I put it on your neck, but I want you to be terrorized of it, and use it to make your life a living hell in horror.

When you least expect it I will zap you, day in and day out, when you are eating from your bowl or drinking water, when you are taking a shit or piss, when you are an object, when you are in your cage ready for sleep or in your sleep, and I even want you to click the remote and electrocute yourself, and every time I hear your scream you will hear my laughter.

Nothing and no time will become holy, for when you will feel electrical shock on your neck, it should not take more then a week, to turn you into a nervous wreck, living in constant fear, when I have reached my objective, I will remove the collar, and I will have one more thing you fear.

Future use I will just use it to lie on the table every once in awhile, but of course you might forget the shock treatment, and I will start all over again, or I might just be bored and in need of a good laugh.

The idea of combining a shock collar with a chastity belt and give your cunt some shock treatment, is on my mind.