The Beginning

The beginning about how you will become my slave, and not really about training, more like a scene, from our new life together as Master and slave.

Either you will come by train or airplane, train is just a few minutes from where I live, and airport is a few hours, and it is the same for me, the scene stays the same, it just takes a bit longer.

Before you travel from your home, I will tell you to take and send me some pictures, so I know what clothes your are wearing, how your makeup and hair is set up, and how your bag looks like.

When you arrives I will be waiting for you, and keep an eye on you, I might let you wait and Swed for awhile, your life should not start to easy, when I am good and ready I will come to you, and just tell you “I think you belong to me, follow me” (don´t expect to curry your bag or bags, I am not a nice dominant) and I will take you to my car, I will open the back door and tell you “throw in you bags and take of your jacket. Get in on the backseat” I will handcuff you and hide it with your jacket, and fasten your seat belt, and then we will be on our way, I will say I am not interested in talking with you, the time for talking is over, and if you start to talk when drive, I will pull over and gag you.

When we arrives in my home, I will open your door and release your seat belt, and tell you to get out, and curry your jacket over the handcuffs, and follow me inside, when we are inside the living room, I will release you from the handcuffs, and tell you to strip naked, when your are naked, I will tell you to set dawn and sign the 3 contracts lieing on the table 1) slave contract 2) photo release form 3) social media release form, ( Here are the contracts ) I will record you on cam, and ask you about you understand the contracts you are signing, when the contracts are signed and put away.

I will start to examine you, I have a minor health form to file out with height, wight, blood pressure and some about your past medical history, like you have any allergies food or otherwise, I should know about, and finally I will take some pictures, put on rubber gloves and examine your pussy, ass and mouth in that order, when I am finished and have removed the gloves, I will tell you to reach out your hands, so I can put leather cuffs and secure them with a padlock, I will blindfold you, pop your ears with ear pops and lead you to the shower cabin in the bathroom, and chain your hands over your head standing up and leave you hanged, I will use gag if I need to sout you up.

Here is a list of things I want you to feel, before I will let you rest.

Lose of control
Owned in body, mind and soul all the way into your bones
Sexual abuse
Psychological debilitation
Sensory deprivation
Random punishment
Learned helplessness
Sleep deprivation

I don’t have a time schedule for you, how long this will take before you feel all of this, I can tell you that the first 24 hours you will get no where with pleading or begging your new Master, and estimate time frame is 30 to 60 hours.

Nothing will happen the first 6 to 8 hours, I will leave you alone, first I will come from behind and force your head backwards, and force a bottle of water in your mouth, and squizze it so you drink all the water and after that I will come every few hours and work on you either with my cock or whips, Cains or gag the things will repete over and over.
When I use whip, Cains or on you, you won’t hear or see me, you will just feel the pain on your body, on your back between your figs on your ass, you will know I am there. I won’t be extreme with the random punishment, you will get your body stribbed but not more then I can repeat the punishment, the real pain I want you to feel comes from your arms and legs, that will scream of pain to your brain, you should see punishment as a reminder of your are awake and not dreaming. When I want to force a gag in you mouth, I will come from behind, pull your hair with on hand and squizze your mouth, and stuff it with ball gag, bite gag, open mouth gag or even your underwear and piece of duck tape.

If I want to use you sexual it will be these to ways on repete
1) I will come from behind spit on my hand and rub it of in your cunt, pull your legs backwards away from the wall stick my cock in your cunt and fuck you to I am finished, wash your cunt juice of my cock and leave you with my semen running dawn of you legs.
2) I will come from behind loosen your chain pull you dawn in your hair and tell you to get on your knees, slap your face and tell you to open your mouth, stick my cock in and fuck your head to I unload my semen in your mouth, chain you back up and leave you.
I will properly not use you less then 5 times, and I will always prefer your over your cunt, but here I feel it is necessary to use your cunt, so you get the feelings I want you to.

When you piss yourself and I see it, I will loosen your chain, pull you dawn on the floor in your hair, and tell you to lick the floor clean for your nasty piss and chain you back up when your done.

When you shit yourself I will threaten you with that I should make you lick it up, but I will just let you stand in your own shit, and after a few hours, I will spray you and the floor clean with cold water.

When I go out for take a shower, you will just feel the cold water hitting your body and slowly heating up, I will shower and wash myself, when I am finished, I will turn off the water, dry myself and leave you hanged to dry.

I see torture as a means to obtain what I want, not a daily life routine, and all of this is classified as torture, I won’t use it often but if you break out of your role, are disloyal, disrespect me or don’t obey I will start from the beginning again, and since you learned nothing the first time, I won’t be so nice to you as the first time.

When I beleave you are ready to submit and commit to the life as my slave, I will wash you clean, remove your blindfold and release you from your chains, and lead you to the kitchen, and tell you to get dawn on the floor like a dog, I will serve you food in your bowel, and when you are finished eating, I will tell you to go clean yourself hands, mouth and brush your teahts, and to go to my bed kneel with your hands on your back and wait for me, when I come to you I will tell you how proud I am of you, I will tell you when you hear the alarm clock, you will get out of bed crawl up to me, and find my cock with your mouth, and last I will tell you to crawl in your bed and sleep.

There will be a settle in period, a learning curve when you weak up next morning.